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Manicured Hands

Our hands do a lot for us and need nurturing in return. A manicure can improve nail and skin condition. In a professional manicure nails are gently shaped then the nail plate cleaned with either non-drying polish removers or special soaks. Art of manicure began 5000 years ago. In India, henna was used for manicure. The term Mehandi, used synonymously for henna, derives from the Sanskrit mehandika. The word "manicure" comes from the Latin manus, meaning, "hand," and cura meaning, "care".
French Manicure

  • Before beginning you should prepare your hands and nails. Clean your hands with some body scrub. Rinse your hand well and dry thoroughly.

  • Then file your nails neatly. While filing move the file in one direction only from the outer corner to the center. Changing the file direction often can damage the nail plate. Use a file that has a fine surface and smoothly glides over the nail.

  • Apply a layer of sweet almond oil to nourish and soften your nails. Wrap a warm towel and leave for about15 minutes. Unwrap and then push your cuticles back using a rubber hoof stick. Rinse hands in warm water to remove oil and dry thoroughly.

  • Apply a coat of base over your nail to strengthen the nail. This leaves a smooth surface to apply nail polish.

  • If you want your nails to look square, paint a straight line across the tip, along the tip of the nail for a rounded appearance. If you want your nails to look pointed, paint from the sides towards the center. While painting your nails place your hand on a flat surface. Keep the ball of the hand you are painting steady by placing in on the same surface. Allow the polish to dry.

  • As a final coat apply a coat of translucent shell-pink polish over the nail to seal the whitened tip and this will complete the look. If you want extra shine and protection apply a clear, glossy topcoat.

A manicure is a beauty treatment for your fingernails and hands. Apart from cleaning, nourishing, softening your hands, a manicure will also include filing and shaping the nails and applying nail polish. A manicurist can also applyjewels on nails, paint pictures or designs on them. You should visit a manicurist who is licensed as he is dealing with the skin of your hand. There is a risk of infection if the tools are not properly cleaned and sanitized as the same tools are used on a number of people.


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