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Be aware of conditions and treatments to help prevent your nail problems… There are certain disorders or illness that can affect the nail. All of then have their own treatment as well. Given below are a few disorders and how to deal with them.
Nail disorders and procedure to handle them:

  • Discolored Nails
    In this condition the color of the nail changes. It may change to green, yellow, blue, red and/or purple. The change in color may be caused by a heart condition, poor blood circulation or medicines being used. You can cover up the discoloration by using nail polish or artificial nails.

  • Eggshell Nails
    Nails that are very thin and fragile are called Eggshell Nails. In this condition the nail curves over the tip of the finger. This maybe a result of nervous disorder, diet or medication. The treatment is to keep your nails trimmed at all times. If you realize that this condition is being caused by medication discontinue the medication.

  • Furrows
    These are long ridges that run up and down or across the nails. These may be caused by poor blood circulation, medication, lack of zinc in your diet or frostbite. Some may get deeper as time passes. Applying ridge filler of any kind or buffing can hide the ridges.

  • Hangnails
    Is medically known as agnails. In this condition the cuticle becomes dry and cracks. Hangnails are caused by dryness of cuticles or when cuticles have been cut too close. You can apply cuticle oil and trim the hanging skin.

  • Onychauxis
    In this condition your nails become abnormally thick. This normally happens with your toenails. This can be caused by an unbalanced diet; infection or it could be hereditary. Filing and buffing the nail can reduce its thickness.

  • Ingrown Nail
    Is medically known as onychocryptosis. The nail grows into the sides of the skin around the nail. Wearing ill-fitting shoes or using a file in an improper way can cause this. If the nail has grown deep into the skin then a only adoctor can remove it.

  • Bitten Nails
    Bitten nails or onychophagy can deform your nails it you bite them continuously or if they are bitten too far down. The only treatment is to stop biting them. Regular manicures and artificial nails can improve the way your nails look.

  • Pterygium
    Is when your cuticles grow over your nails. If they are not prevented they could grow right over your nails. Use cuticle oil to soften the skin, use a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles to their place. Use cuticle clippers to trim away the loose skin.


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