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Yoga Blocks

Like other Yoga props, blocks are helpful in making oneself more comfortable and improve body alignment. Yoga blocks, also known as yoga bricks, are foam or wooden blocks that are used to aid in the execution of various poses. These blocks are helpful in providing stability and support to the body into difficult poses by strengthening, stretching, and aligning body without strain.

Yoga blocks can be used under hands, feet or seat to intensify stretches safely and accomplish the right position. In the initial stages of learning, people are not so flexible and using blocks offers them adjustability. Yoga blocks are best for standing poses, in which one hand is flat on the ground, like Ardha Chandrasana. Blocks can be used to sit in postures such as Virasana.

Yoga bricks are available in different sizes, shapes and material. They are called bricks because they look like bricks mostly available in 4" x 6" x 9" size. Their smooth edges are not only easy to grip, but also provide the required comfort. These blocks are usually light in weight, easy to carry along and require little maintenance. Yoga blocks are usually made of foam, however, are also made of cork, which make them durable and eco-friendly. The latest type of Yoga blocks are ergonomically designed block, which resemble the miniature dumbbells - two small foam blocks separated by a pole-like grip.

Benefits of Yoga Blocks
Yoga blocks don't only help in execution of poses, but also offer other benefits.

  • They provide stability and support for proper alignment of the body.
  • They help in reducing the distance between the body and the ground.
  • They help to modify poses to the flexibility level of the body.
  • They improve the body movement without causing strain.
  • They enable the person to hold poses more comfortably and also for a longer time.
  • They reduce the risk of pulled muscles or other such injuries.
  • They are really useful for expectant mother, or during menstruation, as they help to lessen the amount of energy used to perform Asanas.


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