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Yoga Clothes

Like all other activities, Yoga also needs to be practiced in clothes which are specifically deigned for the physical demands of Yoga. Wearing right apparel is very important in yoga, as practice entails performing different types of body postures, ranging from the very simple to slightly complex. So, Yoga clothes should be comfortable enough to allow free movement of various body parts in all poses or positions.

Types of Yoga Clothing
Yoga pants, Capri, pajamas, t-shirts, shorts, unitard, etc, are advisable clothing for practicing Yoga. The fabric of clothes should be light-weight and sweat absorbent. Loose pants, Capri, shorts and pajamas are really comfortable. Another thing to look for in clothing is stretchability. Since different Yoga poses require different body movements, it is recommended to wear stretchable clothes which allow free movement of body parts. Ladies are advised to wear sports bra. Yoga clothing is available in all sizes and colors in the markets.

Unitard is another type of clothing which requires special mention. It's tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs. It has long sleeves & legs reaching down to the ankles which provide coverage, support and comfort while performing Yoga. It is usually made of durable, lightweight organic cotton/spandex with double-layered front and back panels and single-layer arms and legs. Available in different colors and sizes, Unitard is very comfortable and facilitates better movement of body.

Yoga Clothes Buying Tips
There are some points which should be considered while buying clothes for practicing Yoga.

  • The clothes you choose should be absolutely comfortable and they should facilitate free movement of body parts.
  • Prefer buying stretchable clothes made from light cotton material as they will help the free body movement.
  • You can opt for shorts as it allows free movement of knees, ankles and feet.
  • Ladies are recommended to wear sport bras, to avoid unnecessary strain on the breasts.
  • Look for sweat-absorbent fabric, as it will absorb perspiration easily and also facilitate breathing space.
  • Though Yoga is conventionally performed barefoot, you can use breathable socks or gloves to avert germs.
Tips To Remember
  • Before leaving for your yoga class, make sure to wear your yoga clothes and try out few poses wearing them. If there are some alterations or modifications required, made them before leaving, so that you feel comfortable in the class later.
  • It is also important to look good in class as it will make you feel more positive which will help in giving you more energy & confidence.
  • Avoid wearing ornaments to Yoga class as they might cause hurdle in performing different Yoga postures.
These are few tips which will help you to pick the right clothing for Yoga. But along with these tips, make sure that you do regular practice of Yoga, as only that will give you a healthier and better life.


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