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Yoga Gloves

Along with other gears, yoga gloves are also the important yoga gear while doing yoga. Available for hands as well as feet, Yoga gloves are exclusively designed to reduce slippage while practicing Yoga. In the 'foot glove', there is a provision of cutout for the big toe whereas the other toes are grouped together. Thus, it looks like a mitten. Yoga gloves are made of lightweight, breathable cotton, and lycra. Lycra allows the gloves to stretch. Thus, Yoga gloves help in reducing serious injury while practicing the asanas.

Types of Yoga Gloves
There are many imported brands of yoga gloves available in the market, such as Wrist Assured Fitness Gloves and Fingerless Gloves. As your palms are the most sensitive part of your body, so the weight-bearing poses might become uncomfortable for you. In this case, you can use the Wrist Assured Fitness Gloves. These gloves are specially designed for joint protection and comfort; they are stylish, durable and comfortable. These gloves will help you get back on your hands without any discomfort & pain. So, don't let wrist pain interrupt your yoga practice. These gloves are little expensive in comparison to ordinary gloves.

Benefits of Yoga Gloves
Yoga gloves are of immense help. Read further to know about benefits of using Yoga gloves:

  • They help in protecting your hands and feet from slipping while doing poses like Adho Mukha Asana.
  • They are exclusively designed to work with yoga mats, carpet and rugs.
  • They help in warming up the body before practice, especially during cold winter workouts.
  • As these gloves are made out of lightweight cotton and lycra, they allow the hands to stretch.
  • If used properly, yoga gloves can be a vital tool to help avoid serious injury.
  • They also protect you against germs and bacteria. So, don't forget wearing your yoga gloves before starting your yoga practice.


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