Add richness to your life

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Being rich is a state of mind. It is possible that you could have millions stacked in your bank account and still have that feeling of deprivation. To live a life of richness, you need to embrace live whole-heartedly. Here are ways to add richness to your life.

Spend money wisely. There’s no point in blowing up money on things you don’t need. While shopping, concentrate on quality rather than quantity. So, pick up one single statement piece rather just spending money on four/five outfits.

Declutter your life. Remember less is more. Apply the principle of decluttering in your physical space and in your relationships too. Stay away from those people who are negative.

Nurture your bond with family and friends. Spend quality time with them and indulge in fun activities with people who are close to you. That creates a sense of love, affection.

The beauty of a rich life lies in simplicity. Simplify life, get rid of things and emotions that drain you of positive feeling and happiness.

A rich life is all about having a sense of gratitude. Count your blessings every day and have a sense of gratitude. You will attract more richness when you feel a sense of gratitude for all that you have.

Think of life beyond your work. Develop interests outside the boundary of your work. It could be poetry, painting, photography, cooking or pottery.

Be physically active. Lethargy brings in a sense of negativity. Spend time outdoors and indulge in walking, trekking, jogging and running. Being physically active gives a sense of overall well-being.

Be generous. If you can’t spare money for charity, give your time to causes that are close to your heart. Think of ways how you can contribute to society rather leading an insular life.

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