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Stay fit at any age

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Although fitness in reality means being physically, mentally and spiritually fit, yet most of us relate it only with physical fitness. If we are asked how fit we are, most of us will find it very difficult to answer this simple question.

To help us know how fit (or unfit) we are, the World Health Organization has prescribed important guidelines for keeping physically fit.

Perfect health, as defined by WHO, includes the following conditions: No protruding belly; sound sleep; natural appetite; remaining active throughout the day without getting tired; positive thoughts; being happy and cheerful; normal stools; no intoxicating products; being energetic on waking up in the morning; and, remaining stable under all circumstances.

If you don’t measure up to these parameters, you can’t by any stretch of the imagination call yourself physically fit.

Among the most effective ways to maintain good health are:

You must thank your genes, i.e., parents (and grand/great grandparents) for many things that you have inherited.

There is a close relationship between mind and body. Your attitude, emotions and feelings can make all the difference in your being healthy.

Anatomy is not destiny and preventive healthcare can keep you fit and fine.

Basic personal hygiene is the most important aspect of good health.

Know as much about your health problem as you can with the help of acquaintances, the internet, books and, of course, doctors.

Believe in a good physician and always go for a second opinion. Question your doctor about the disease and the treatment.

Taking drugs without consulting a doctor can never be good for you because every medicine has some adverse side effects.

Avoid over the counter drugs if you can, and don’t pop in a tablet the moment you feel sick.
Periodical medical checkups are necessary. The frequency depends upon a number of factors like medical history and age.

Understand the basics of food and eating. Develop this common sense of how much and how often should you eat. The type of diet and our eating habits have a direct impact on our health. Drink plenty of clean water and avoid constipation at all costs, without purgatives.

Exercise regularly according to your present state of health and age. Sweating out can cure depression as exercise can combat the blues. According to the American Psychological Association, regular exercise can alleviate depression and may bring relief to those with panic disorders. One must walk for at least 30 minutes every day for optimum health.

Hard alcoholic drinks must be taken in moderation.

Keep yourself busy in some useful activity of your choice apart from the time you spend in working.

Don’t believe in popular myths like extra hours of sleep help one to become healthier, or that it is alright to put on weight as you grow older.

And last but not least, beware of medical frauds!


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