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What to avoid when you are in a relationship

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When you are involved in a romantic relationship, it is essential to make the girl special. And you don’t need to make Herculean efforts to please her. This can be done with few simple things in mind.

Give her your complete attention. While it is good to have your own life and personal space, it is also important that you give her complete attention. Be there for her on special days like her birthday. Plan something only for the two of you. You might be wanting to organize a big party for her, but she will always prefer a quiet dinner with you than a noisy party. That will do just fine on any other day.

Now is the right time to say what you feel. Tell her what you feel, even if it means telling her things you don’t like about her. If you keep it to yourself, things just build up and it transpire in other things. And when it comes to compliments and positive comments, more the merrier.

Being spontaneous and surprising her will always work for you. Tell her you love her, because she wants to listen to it more often than you think.

Do not shy away from commitment and responsibilities. She might have fallen for your carefree attitude and living in the moment philosophy, but things are different now. She wants you to take responsibilities.

Never cheat. This goes for any relationship in its own context. It is irreparable, and unforgivable.

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