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Meditation for beginners

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Studies have told us for years how meditation can relax your mind and how good (and essential) it is for one’s mental well-being. Meditation means putting all your attention on a specific object/area. If you’ve been advised meditation but don’t know how to go about it, here are some really simple tips you can follow…
– Posture is important when it comes to meditation. Don’t slouch or sit in an uncomfortable position. Sit with your back straight and in an area where you won’t be disturbed. Switch off all electronic gadgets.
– The time you choose to meditate is equally important. When are you most alert? Do you wake up early and sleep early or wake up late and go to bed late? Accordingly, choose the time and make sure there are no distractions. The idea is to be by yourself.
– Never meditate after having a heavy meal. Just after you’ve eaten, your body is in the process of digesting food. Meditating will make you very drowsy. Similarly, don’t meditate on an empty stomach or you won’t be able to concentrate. Eat an early dinner and meditate before you sleep or go for it early morning after having a mug of tea.
– Don’t feel shy or hesitant to ask your teacher any doubts or questions that you have.
– Don’t limit yourself by sticking to a time frame. If on some days you get as little as 10 minutes to meditate, that is fine. And if on other days, you feel like meditating for longer, don’t let it stop you.
– There will be places in your house which are more calming than the others. Identify these spaces and meditate there. Some people say that flowers, aromatic oils or candles help them meditate better. Find out what works for you and go ahead with it. 

Benefits of meditation Lower stress levels Feel more energetic Improved concentration Uninterrupted, deep sleep 

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