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Everything To Know About An Epilator

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With more techniques and procedures being discovered for painless hair removal, there are four procedures that women mostly prefer: waxing, using a hair removal cream, shaving, and lasers. If you have tried all these and yet are dissatisfied with the results, there’s another one you can look up to and that is an epilator. Epilating doesn’t hurt as bad as people make it sound like. Also, epilating your skin has been associated with certain benefits. It provides long-term effects and doesn’t require you to pay salon charges! You can use an epilator at home and get your work done!

What is an epilator?

An epilator is a wheel consisting of several tweezers. The wheel rotates continuously and pulls out hair right from its roots as you move it across your skin. The mechanism of an epilator is quite similar to that of wax strips. However, unlike wax strips, epilators don’t strip off hair from the epithelium of the epidermis.

Facts about epilators

  • Epilation does cause pain to some people because the mechanism involves grasping multiple hairs together and pulling them off the roots. Now, depending on your capacity to withstand pain, some people wax the specific region first and then epilate.
  • Wet epilators are less painful because removing hair from wet skin causes less pain. If you cannot withstand the pain, you can apply a numbing cream beforehand.
  • If your epilator’s speed can be controlled, it’s advised to keep the speed at its lowest. This reduces the level of pain it causes. If you are someone with sensitive skin or suffering from inflammation, never use an epilator.

Where should you use an epilator? 

Using epilators in areas with tough skin such as legs and arms is best. One can use it in sensitive areas as well, but that calls for precautionary measures. Using epilators in intimate areas will also hurt more.

What are the benefits of using epilators? 

If you have those irritating fine strands of hair that cannot be stripped off by waxing, epilating those areas will help you get rid of them. Epilation gives better effects and soft and clear skin. Another benefit is that epilation can be done at home. So, unlike lasers or waxing, neither do you have to pay extra costs or step out of your house.

Things to remember after epilation 

Once you have epilated the region properly, make sure to remove any remaining hair on the skin to avoid infection. Apply a moisturizing cream to the epilated region to reduce irritation. You must also clean the device with alcohol. Also, remember to not exfoliate the skin or wax or shave for a few days.

Before you use an epilator on your skin, consider exfoliating the region. By exfoliating, you will be able to remove some of your dead cells and lessen the irritation. You can also apply an ingrown hair treatment oil to keep the epilated region calm and irritation-free.

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