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Change the Look of Your Interiors With These Ceiling Paint Ideas

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Applying new coats of beautiful paint can drastically change the appearance of a space. Unfortunately, most people spend time deciding the color of their room walls and neglect the ceiling. If you look up, you’ll notice most house ceilings have the usual white color- which interior designers feel is a missed opportunity. Adding beautiful color paint on the ceiling alone can enhance the room’s aesthetics, giving the space a fresh look.

If you’re living in Hyderabad, you should look for the best painters in Hyderabad who have excellent comprehension and execution abilities. It will ensure your ideas are seamlessly understood, executed, and incorporated on your beautiful house walls, including the ceiling. Our skilled painting and interior designing experts have prepared a list of creative ceiling paint ideas to save your time.

  1. High Ceiling Effect

Want to give your ceiling a high-end look? If yes, you’ll love this budget-friendly creative idea. The trick is to use dark grey paint on the roof that goes well with lighter color wallpapers applied on your room walls. If done correctly, it creates a high ceiling effect and also makes your room look bigger.

Pro tip: Before going ahead with this option or the ones shared-below, be sure that your house walls don’t have a water leakage problem, as it can disrupt the paintwork and its result. If you have a water leakage problem, first get it fixed and then proceed with the ceiling paintwork. You can easily find reliable professionals offering waterproofing services in Hyderabad, so be sure you get it done.

  1. Incorporate Neon Colors

Enough of using the regular dull colors on your ceiling, assuming no one pays attention to it. If you want to make a statement change that stands out, consider getting your ceiling painted with a beautiful neon color. If your room walls have been painted with a neutral or light shade, a bright neon color on the roof will make a huge difference.

  1. Use Colorful Painted Beams

If you’ve always loved the sight of a well-painted and well-decorated space, it’s time you replicate the same in your house. Incorporating painted beams on your room ceiling will probably be the best thing you can do for your ceiling. To get the best results, paint the beams with colors that are in perfect contrast to the wall colors.

  1. High-End Sophisticated Look

A uniquely different way to jazz up your space is by painting the ceiling with a dark black color and installing some copper light fixtures. You’ll be surprised by the result and would want to replicate the same design for the remaining house ceilings. You can also play with the ceiling colors and the design of copper lights, depending on your preference.

  1. Let Stripes Take Over

While stripes are commonly painted on the four walls, the same can be done for your ceiling wall. If your walls are painted with a single shade, consider getting colorful stripes on your ceiling that are in perfect blend with the wall colors. It will make your ceiling the focal point of the space.

You can go ahead with any of the ceiling paint ideas shared above or make improvisations so that it suits your precise style and requirements.


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