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Top Indian cities where you can find great coliving and managed accommodation spaces

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It’s a tale as old as time. Starry-eyed students leave school and enter the brave new world of college. Ambitious young professionals take on the challenge of becoming real adults and start their first jobs. Millions of migrants leave behind the comforts of home to face the excitement and challenge of living in a new city. But this migration comes with a lot of stress – where to live? How much rent to pay? What about utilities? And food? And let’s be honest, you don’t really want to face all these challenges alone. Sure, there are old-fashioned PGs and hostels that have existed forever. But some landlords are just looking to make an extra buck by leasing out a cramped room on their rooftop or making you deal with a battery of issues in a place that hardly feels like the home they promised. And what about wardens and curfews that cramp your lifestyle. Need we go on?

Enter India’s largest network of managed-accommodation spaces – Stanza Living. It’s a first-of-its-kind, technology-driven and professionally-managed accommodation venture that’s totally transforming the way young India lives. With a tech-enabled ecosystem, fully furnished rooms, the best of amenities and vibrant community culture, they’ve brought a brand new solution to the housing problems of young Indians – it’s called coliving or managed accommodation.

So what is this new age living experience? As we define it, these are modern housing solutions where residents share living spaces that are usually run by professional operators. It’s a new take on an old idea – imagined by a millennial generation that values things like openness, collaboration, and social networking. And because Indians have always been great at adapting and innovating, we are a great fit to take on this idea that resonates so much with our aspirations of a better life. So here are the top Indian cities that are well on their way to be revolutionized by this new age living experience.

  1. New Delhi
    The capital city has everything – from top schools and colleges to big MNCs and industries. So why should it not also be a hotspot for the coliving culture? It would certainly be a great step for those coming into the city to achieve their dreams to find a convenient place befitting their lifestyle aspirations.
  2. Hyderabad
    It’s not just the usual metros that are coliving ready, Hyderabad has also emerged as a frontrunner for migrants looking to kickstart their careers. One of the biggest IT hubs in the country, this city is a major centre for business in South India. It’s also home to some of the nation’s most prolific business schools and best universities, making it a top choice for students. With Hyderabad expanding in every sense in the coming years, the comfortable and economical housing needs of its residents are ones that coliving can fulfill.
  3. Bangalore
    There’s no doubt that Bangalore is the biggest IT hub in India. Over the years, this city has seen a lot of growth, both in terms of people as well as infrastructure. With millennials flocking to the city due to the IT boom, Bangalore has become an excellent market for those turning away from PGs and hostels to embrace the coliving culture.
  4. Chennai
    Whether you’re working in the growing IT sector, admitted to one of the best colleges in the country or considering a position in the automobile industry, why should you have to settle for exorbitant flat rents or substandard boys’ hostels in Chennai? The ‘Detroit of India’ sees an influx of people from across India and the world, people looking for a comfortable life at reasonable prices. Undoubtedly a viable city for coliving opportunities.
  5. Pune
    Famously known as the “Oxford of the East” due to the presence of several reputed educational institutes, Pune is also one of the biggest centres for the IT industry. No wonder that the city has grown exponentially over the years, leading to the demand for better living spaces from the numerous students and job-seekers coming into the city. Managed accommodation to the rescue!

And it’s not just these cities that are promising, several other places across India are also ready to have their housing options transformed beyond belief. It’s a good thing that major players like Stanza Living are expanding rapidly to cater to this growing market. There’s no doubt that this is the future of rented accommodation, especially for millennials. So the next time you are planning a move, chuck local PGs and hostels and checked out a managed accommodation that makes life just so easy.

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