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4 delicious ways to cook meat

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Stir frying: All you need to do is cut the meat in thin strips, get rid of as much fat as possible and stir fry it in a hot pan or wok, with a little oil. You can add veggies and spices to this mix.

Braising: This technique is ideal for a cut of meat that is tough. Braising basically means just slow cooking the meat and there are many ways you can achieve that. Remember to brown the meat first before you start braising.

Grilling: This is one of the most popular ways to cook meat. You can grill as stake, and have to along with a side of fresh vegetable salad. What’s more, you can cook the meat however you want – rare, medium or well done.

Stewing: The good thing about this technique is that you can add vegetables to make the dish a wholesome stew. Stewing the meat long enough will make it tender, falling apart and absolutely delicious.

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