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Know the varieties of tea

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The varieties of tea now available in the market have shot up like never before.

Whether you go to a supermarket to buy tea for your home or go to a tea-cafe, you will be faced with a lot of options, choosing from which can be a mind-boggling job if you don’t know your variety. From Earl Grey to English Breakfast to chamomile tea, a host of options are now available. While most tea come from the same plant, the varieties come from what they are blend with and how they are oxidized. Here is a handy guide to the most popular varieties –

Black tea: This one is ruling the markets in the US and Europe due to its rich and bitter taste, the most famous varieties coming from Assam and Darjeeling.

Green tea: More popular in regions of Asia, this is mostly grown in parts of China and Japan. Exotic flavours include cherry blossom and are served in an iron pot.

Oolong tea: It stands out from other teas and is known for its strong, woody flavour along with a sweet, floral punch.

White tea: Almost like green tea, it has an additional light, floral flavour as it contains the buds of the plant.

Red tea: In some parts of China, especially China, black tea is referred to as red tea. But its exclusivity lies in the smoky flavour.


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