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Allahabad High Court Judge for PM Modi: consider stopping protests and polls

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Granting bail for a defendant in a criminal case, a Supreme Court judge in Allahabad, near the end of his order, drew attention on Thursday for a rise in variant cases. Omicron and potentially an ambiguous Tuesday, and urged the prime minister to “”take strong action” and consider “stopping and postponing” rallies, meetings and elections. Judge Shekhar Kumar Yadav, while urging the Secretary-General of Allahabad High Court to develop rules to deal with the situation, said at his behest: “Even today, the election for Vidhan Sabha in ‘UP is near, whose parties organize rallies, meetings and gather crowds of thousands of people. The Covid protocol cannot be observed in these programs. If this is not prevented in time, the results will be scarier than the second wave. ”
” If possible, the elections scheduled for February should be postponed for a month or two because only when life goes on will the election protests resume,” he said. Prime Minister, Judge Yadav said: “Our respected Prime Minister launched a vaccination exercise against Coronafree in a country with such a large population. It is commendable and the court praises. We call on the Prime Minister to act and, given the dire situation, consider stopping and postponing the protests and elections… jaan hai toh jahan hai.

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