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Flooring Types

There is an exotic variety of floorings that you can choose from to decorate your house. Some are easy to install, totally hassle free while others might require tedious procedures to be followed. Some of the different flooring styles are Hardwood flooring, Softwood flooring, Custom flooring, Engineered and Laminate flooring. If you want to maintain a unique look you can go in for custom flooring, which can be shaped, according to your choice.

Hardwood flooring in itself has two sub types namely Unfinished and prefinished flooring. Unfinished flooring gives you the advantage of showing your own creativity and experiment with colors. It also requires some treatment to make its installation easier. There is a lot of scope of innovation. Prefinished flooring is easier to install and also comes with a long warranty period of about 15-25 years. It is more pocket friendly as no treatment in terms of milling or grilling is required. The entire finishing is done thus no scope for any changes.

Softwood flooring is apt for seasonal and environmental changes. Engineered floor style consists of multiple plywood. It can be used virtually in any space. Laminate flooring is apt for houses where kids and pets make the house filthy. It is the concept of providing an extra covering and it makes use of a thin printed film, which is laminated. There are distinct styles of laminating one being glue and click together. Among the different flooring types, choose your flooring type keeping in mind the pros and cons of each type.


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