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As important is the look, equally important is to maintain the safety of floorings. Safety and maintenance go hand in hand. To ensure safety, a proper maintenance plan needs to be worked out which consists of multifold steps like brooming, wetting the floor with water and then wiping it on regular intervals etc. For cleaning purpose, there are different methods that can be applied. A couple of methods used are No Buff method, Spray Buff method, Weekly Burnish Method etc.

No buff method is apt for small space floorings where it is difficult to use proper gadgets for maintenance. It is a style that goes in consistency with the latest floor finish developments. It demands less effort. Safety products that are required in this method are: Nu-Tral Cleaner, Speed Stripper and Blue Concentrate etc. Spray method is suitable for the deeply engraved soil. It also needs Buff 'N Clean spray buff. Both these two methods: No Buff method and Spray method are among the low maintenance types that demand less effort towards safety.

Among the high-class maintenance techniques we have Weekly Burnish Method and Daily Burnish Method. Weekly Burnish method requires the usual cleaning and dusting along with a weekly burnishing (which involves shining or glossing the surface to enhance its look). But for this method right finishing is a prerequisite. Daily burnishing insures an absolutely fantastic and shining appearance. Equipments required in these procedures are cleaners, restorer, stripper and finish products. If you like splendid flooring styles, then take care of their safety too as it is likely to affect your health and safety also by preventing slips and falls.


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