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County and local inspectors will conduct various inspections while remodeling is being done. Renovations can involve changes in the structure of the original structure which will require changes in plumbing, heating, electrical etc. So home construction inspection is necessary as construction progresses. You will have to pay an inspection fee. If you have taken a loan from a bank, then your lender will conduct independent inspections of the construction site. Here are a few things about inspections that you should know:

  • Major remodeling in construction will have to pass certain building codes.
  • County inspectors will review the work and certify it.
  • Remember that inspections as good. They ensure that the work is done properly and actually benefits you. If you have any doubts ask the inspector to clear them.
  • If the construction fails inspection, then when the construction is repaired, a follow up inspection will need to be conducted. There will be an additional re-inspection fee.
  • An inspection will be conducted when a particular part of remodeling is completed. For example after the plumbing is finished.
  • Make sure that you are present at every inspection conducted by the county inspectors.
  • Sub-contractors usually arrange for separate inspections. It is a good idea to be present for them.
  • County inspectors only ensure that the work done meets building codes and do not check for quality.
  • Inspections by financial institutions or lenders will be conducted at the end of each phase of remodeling construction. The inspection is conducted to find out whether the money is being used as intended.
  • Inspectors from financial institutions are not construction inspectors. They will come at the end of each phase and take pictures of the construction site and verify whether the funds are being used properly. They do not check the quality of work.
  • You should engage an independent inspector to inspect the remodeling construction and pass it before you make any payments.
  • A subcontractor is bond by the construction contract to deliver all the services mentioned in the contract. If he does not, then you can withhold payment till, all the terms mentioned in the contract are met.
  • Therefore it is important to draw out a very comprehensive construction contract and discuss the project plan clearly with the subcontractors.
  • You will need to employ an inspector to review the quality of work. He will check the work and tell you whether the work completed, meets the conditions specified and agreed to in the construction contract.
  • If the inspector decides that a particular part of the construction has failed to meet building codes, then the inspector must explain the reasons why the construction has failed to meet the required standards.
  • You can use this report of discuss re-work before paying the subcontractor.

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