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How To Manage Home Remodeling

Managing the remodeling of your house is not an easy task. To design, build and manage a home renovation project one needs to be well informed about all the steps involved in renovation and one needs a great deal of patience. Most often homeowners will give a contract the responsibility of managing and overseeing a home remodeling project. The contractor will have a builder who will subcontract the construction work and the supply of materials and labor to others. Most often owners trust the builder's judgment in selecting subcontractors and buying materials. But as the owner you should approve of the subcontractors and review construction periodically and ask for independent inspection after each sub-contract work like framing, plumbing etc. is completed. But you will manage all the finances. Do not make any payments until you are completely satisfied with the quality of work that has been done.

Many homeowners act as contractors and hire subcontractors, buy materials and oversee the entire remodeling project from start to finish. As a contractor you need to have good knowledge about construction work so that the workers do not take advantage of you. If you decide to act as the contractor here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Be fair but tough. Have a back up plan if things do not work. Ensure that quality work is being done.
  • Behave like a builder, talk like a builder, socialize with your subcontractors but let them know who is the boss.
  • You must keep records meticulously of purchase orders, invoices, paid receipts and checks, worker's compensation records etc. All this information should be easily accessible in case o it is required at short notice.
  • Insure workers and workers who will be on the construction site. This is the best way to protect you against any freak accident on the site.
  • Provide the workers a good environment to work. Provide the workers with a bathroom; provide them with refreshments a few times a day etc. This will motivate them to work better and they will be thankful.
  • Prepare for delays due to bad weather, material shortage, labor disputes etc. A good manager should be able to manage change in plans. It is best to have an alternative plan. If a supplier fails to deliver material on time then find another supplier. Use money incentives for prompt delivery to ensure that it is repeated.
  • Prioritize the work that has to be done. While renovating, some things need to be done before other things. Be present when important things are being done like the foundation is being laid.
  • Keep to your schedule as far as possible. Delays will increase the cost of construction.
  • Allow some time gap between the work schedules of two subcontractors so that inspections can be conducted and the changes if any can be made.
  • Control finances efficiently as lack of money can delay the project.

To design, build and manage a home renovation project is not an easy task. One has to know how to manage a home remodeling project; otherwise the entire exercise may only make the project more expensive. Understand the above tips and then decide whether you want to take on the responsibility.


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