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Color Principles

There can be a variety of principle color designs but then among these varied types you need to select one that has the element of flow. For choosing the right color combo, you should be well versed with the color principles that provide tips on coloring for home painting. Contrast is the style of the season. It draws immediate attention. For contrast, complementary shades can be used but in such a manner that one color comes out prominently and the other one adds the dazzling effect to it. Yellow-violet combo looks simply superb. Colors of equal hue can spoil the mood. A blend of a warm and cool color can be good concept like blue and green.

White walls allow enough innovation to be done on the walls. The best part about white as a background color is that it gives a feeling of a bigger room. When white is added on to some color, the resultant is a lighter shade of the original. For example adding white to red leads to a new arrival yellow. When black is added on to a color the resultant is a darker shade of the original one. Adding black to red gives rise to a new shade called burgundy.

Every color has its own natural shine. But then with the help of couple of techniques, the natural glow or effect of the shade can be reduced or accentuated to your best advantage. Soft pastel colors are in vogue. Instead of going in for the color in its natural form, the best idea is to opt for additive color style where colors are mix matched to come up with an entirely different unique shade. Try out some different color that perfectly speaks about your attitude


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