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Color Principles For Painting

Before deciding on the paint color for home, you need to be well versed with color principles for painting. There can be variety of color combinations for painting using a mix match of primary and secondary colors. There are three categories of shades namely primary, secondary and tertiary. Color principles provide the guidelines for choosing the right color combos to give your house just the perfect unique look you always dreamt of.

Interior designing is all about the unique blending of multiple articles in different shades in such a manner that there is a continuous flow. Primary colors as in blue, red and yellow are very bright and vibrant colors. They denote prominent qualities like red is indicative of anger as in hot blood. Yellow is warm and shining like sun and blue symbolizes patience and calm. If you combine these three radiant shades, you get the black color that is the pride of parties.

Secondary colors also known as complementary colors are a result of the blending of two primary colors. The three secondary colors include orange, violet and green. To bring about harmony, secondary colors can be mix matched to give rise to a neutral shade, which is simple and sober. When primary and secondary shade is mixed together, it gives rise to the third color segment called tertiary colors. A couple of tertiary color combinations are yellow and orange, red-orange, blue-violet and yellow-green. According to your personal taste and personal preference, choose the color combination out of the wide gamut of beautiful shades.


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