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Apply for a $1 Million Luxury Travel Job

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If you’re sitting at your desk and not doing your work, it’s probably because your hate your job and want a new one. How about a chance to take a $1 million luxury trip around the world … for free?

Two companies – Luxury Travel Intelligence have teamed up to bring make this dream job a reality for one person or couple. Among your responsibilities?

According to the job posting, the position entails spending one year travelling in “uber luxurious style; visiting the world’s most glamorous locations; and casting a refined eye on the latest hotels, restaurants and entertainment that each has to offer. You will also be testing various luxury modes of travel including yachts, jets and Japan’s Kyushi Seven Stars luxury train.”

And you’ll be doing your job incognito.

That’s not all. In the Maldives, you’ll be responsible for providing feedback on hotel openings and on Velaa Private Island. In Miami, it’s visiting the freshly opened Roberto Cavalli Restaurant. In Venice, checking if the Aman is living up to its potential, plus having a look at the new Gritti Palace.

The job is technically an unpaid one, but Luxury Travel Intelligence will cover all travel-related costs including accommodation, food and entertainment up to $1 million over a one-year period. “Certain agreed destinations and venues must be visited and comprehensive reports and insights must be delivered.” In other words, no slacking.

The company said it expects a large number of applications and they won’t be able to reach out to everyone who applies. Applications must be complete by April 30, 2014.

This is far from the first dream job that’s been made available to the masses recently. In June, a Calif. man won the “Best Job in the World” courtesy of Tourism Australia. Andrew Smith, 25, won the top job of “chief funster,” to be based in the state of New South Wales. Also in 2013, a college student got the job of being a water slide tester.

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