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Offbeat destinations in Bihar

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Bihar is a state in the northwestern part of India and has a fierce reputation due its people and places steeped in rich history. It is a raw, untamed land where people still live by the old ways making it a state that is yet to be explored deeply. Travellers will be pleasantly surprised to know that there are several non-tourist stops in Bihar apart from the famous Bodh Gaya (the place where Buddha attained salvation).

One can hire a car in Patna to get around and hit the spots nearby to Patna in a day or two. Travellers who want a little unconventional experience and discover unchartered lands in Bihar must hit these places.


The oldest university, the centre of culture and education in India is in Bihar. It flourished as a centre for the greatest educational hub during the times of the Guptas and Pala and while it is a famous spot for tourists to hit, the place itself is home to an archaeological museum, a dance festival that occurs in October called Rajgir Dance Festival and Silao. Most of Nalanda is in ruins but it is a must visit for someone who wants to start off easy while travelling to unexplored places.


Located in Rajnagar near Madhubani in Bihar, Navlakha palace is an absolute marvel to witness even though it’s in ruins. Due to an earthquake in 1934, the palace suffered massive damages to the structure, but it is known for the skill and mastery used to build the palace. It is surrounded by a number of gardens, ponds and temples. Tourists can book a taxi in Patna and drive down to explore it for a day trip.


A 4-hour taxi ride from Patna, Sasaram is home to Sher Shah Suri’s tomb and is built in the Indo-Muslim style of architecture. The tomb is surrounded by an artificial lake and it’s a feast to the eyes.


One of the most important Buddist learning sites in Bihar, a famous university by the name Vikramshila rests in Bhagalpur in Bihar. Although now in ruins, the excavation of the university showcased beautiful monasteries, wall carvings and stupas which has now led to the restoration work to be underway.


Located 3 hours away from Patna, Begusarai is home to a beautiful bird sanctuary called Kanwar Lake Sanctuary and has over 60 species of migratory birds. It also has India’s largest freshwater lake called ‘Oxbow lake’. Nature lovers and those who study birds must definitely visit Begusarai.


The oldest rock-cut cakes dating back to the Mauryan empire, this one is a must visit for anyone wanting to explore Bihar. It is located between two hills Barabar and Nagarjuni and has traces of Buddhism in it. It is a marvel to see caves filled with inscriptions, designs across the ceiling and walls.

While travellers may have been to Patna and Bodh Gaya, the above-mentioned spots are worth a try, if one wants to avoid a horde of tourists, souvenirs and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the surrounding places.

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