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The 10 Most Breathtaking Attractions Of Sweden You Should See

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How can anyone forget the country that introduced the world to Vikings, noble peace prize, Volvo, IKEA….and the list goes on. Well, you might have got the idea. Right? It’s Sweden. It is an incredible country which gets overlooked by the globetrotters who only love to venture about southern, central or eastern Europe. But, you should obviously know that it has some really spectacular and alluring landscapes, incredible cities, educated population, an enriched history and culture much older than many other parts of the world.

With the pastoral landscapes and dense forests up north and little red island cottages scattered across the Stockholm down in the south, this country is just amazing. And if you go in-between north and south there you can see a pastoral countryside which is filled with numbers of ancient Viking burial ground, the astounding Viking paths and a stupendous heartland where there is still a tradition of a king.

Now, going a bit beyond, for those who would love to explore this phenomenal land of Sweden, here are the ten most famous and striking places in this country which have been the prominent choices of the tourists of all the time.

  1. The archipelago of Stockholm – This is one of the most fabulous parts of Stockholm and Sweden which is still a secret for many. The magnificent Stockholm archipelago is actually a maritime landscape of huge numbers of islands, islets, skerries etc. where the total number stands to almost 30,000. And among such a huge number only 1,000 is inhabited. This archipelago has a well-build communication system and it’s easily accessible from central Stockholm through the unique and historic white archipelago boats.
  2. Gothenburg – A city break can’t be that beautiful how it is in small and utterly gorgeous Gothenburg, the capital of west Sweden. The major attractive places here include quaint canals, innumerable green open spaces like Sweden’s botanical garden boasting more than 16,0000 flora, cobbled streets of historical haga and many more. So, just immerse yourself in the fantastic Swedish culture and soak up the famous outdoor cafe culture with the special and delicious ‘Fika’( a soothing coffee break with a sweet bun).
  3. Icehotel – It is the world’s largest hotel made up of ice and snow. With a 5,500 square meter complex which includes an ice-church and an ice-bar, this hotel is a place which is a place where you can relish a great feeling that is totally out-of-the-world. The accommodation features vary from snow rooms, ice-rooms to stunning art-suits.
  4. Kosterhavet – It is Sweden’s first marine national park. This place is centred around the car-free Koster island which is just a drive of two-hours from up the absolutely exhilarating coast of Gothenburg. On visiting Kosterhavet, you can notice small villages where the main occupation is fishing surrounded by a gorgeous landscape filled up with green plants and colourful flowers. The unique sea-side location is much appealing with beautiful beaches, rustic and rocky islands as well as the gorgeous ‘Koster light’ which is an utterly ecstatic artistic representation.
  5. Gotland /Visby – The beautiful gateway of Gotland is Visby and it has been the same for centuries. Th port city of Visby is totally historic which stretches back to middle ages. The past relics is existing still today which can be especially seen in the form of Ringmuren, a medieval wall which is two metres long and encircling the city. Besides, you can even find some of the best restaurants with extremely delicious Swedish foods which are fresh and served with a farm-to-table concept that Gotland is famous for.
  6. Marstrand – This picturesque island of Marstrand imitates the Hollywood version of the country as it has a playground of celebrities that boasts an enriched history. The grand Carlsten’s fortress is the center of attraction of the island along with the vibrant collection of holiday homes and sailing boats in the navy-blue ocean make the island a perfect place for the globetrotters to enjoy. As it is an island you should obviously pack your best swimwear while visiting there. Moreover, summers and springs are the best seasons to visit the place where you can can even enjoy some of the most mouthwatering Swedish dishes st the opened-roof restaurants.
  7. Malmo – It is one of the biggest cities in Skane which is actually the cultural hub of Sweden. Moreover, the city also has the most innovative architecture and a stable organic and social character. Just make sure that whenever you decide to plan a holiday at Malmo, you should pack some party dresses because twisting your body is something that you can obviously hope to do at that place. Also you can dine at one of the most celebrated organic restaurants of Sweden in this place. So, what are you waiting for?
  8. Jokkmokk – It is nothing but the fairy tale land of Sweden located in the northernmost province. You can enjoy some of the excellent quintessential views like racing of reindeer and a winter market with the local folks dancing on the traditional music. The renowned Sami culture of this place is something which is very famous in the whole Sweden. You can also taste the local cuisine which will lead you nothing but to drool.
  9. Abisko National Park – If you’re more of an adventurer then Abisko is the best place for you to be. It is one of the most prime locations where you can do camping and look for the northern lights. You can take a glance over Aurora Sky Station which is located in Mount Nuolja which is actually a mountain that is 900 meters above the sea level. You can enjoy some hiking adventures during the summers. So, don’t forget to pack few of the trendiest sport shoes, capris and other sporty dresses! Moreover, during the winters you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place and stay in the luxurious hotels which are situated above there.
  10. Sigtuna – It is one of the oldest town in Sweden which has a lot of historic importance! This city was founded way back in 980 AD. You can even find some of the best historical architecture based hotels where you can stay on your visit to this place of Sweden. Moreover, the beautiful medieval town center also has some exotic restaurants where you can taste the mouthwatering Swedish dishes. Also there are some local and charming cafes along with the boutiques that make the city to stand-out when compared to others. So, fly to this historic place of Sweden and tour the medieval churches and ruin stones located around the city to have an extraordinary memory for lifetime.

Lastly, whenever you plan your next vacation make sure that you’ve Sweden in your mind. And most importantly don’t forget to explore the aforementioned ten places in the country whenever you visit the same. With the memories of some beautiful places, historic monuments, scenic natural beauty, vibrant wildlife, palatable dishes and nice as well as cooperative local people you will end up flying back home with nothing else other than a smile in your face.

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