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With these tips, you will never miss a connecting flight

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Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, missing a connecting flight can damper to your holiday spirit. Not only this incident causes unnecessary delays, it may also amount to additional expense which will throw your travel budget out of sync. Sometime the reason for missing the connecting flight is the carelessness of the traveler, while at times it’s the mistake of the airline you are travelling with. Whatever may be the scenario, as a rule you must always look for flight status check online. This can save you a lot of trouble. Taking this discussion further, we bring to you the following tips that will ensure that you never miss a connecting flight ever –

Download the Travel Booking App
You have used travel aggregator’s like Yatra to book your travel ticket. To check flight status check online, you should download the travel booking app on your phone. The platform alerts the travelers just in case there is any delay or change in the flight status. To stay abreast with last minute re-scheduling, the app can be extremely helpful.

Make sure there is Considerable Time between Layovers
We understand that you are in a hurry to reach your destination, however, unnecessary delays at the airport can make you miss your connecting flight. Therefore, as a practice make sure that there is a considerable time between your flight schedules. Adhere to the 3-hour rule. Which means that the time between the next flights should be a minimum of 3 hours. It’s better to reach a little early than fight against time and miss your flight.

Pay attention to the announcement
There are a lot of distraction on the airport and you may not pay attention to the announcement. However, there could be a last-minute change on the gate number or even time which is announced through the PA system of the airport. Therefore, just in case you hear an announcement, do not ignore it. The announcement could be related to your travel.

Do not wander
The flight status and time is mentioned on your boarding pass. Therefore, as the time to the connecting flight get close make sure you don’t wander around the airport. In fact, make sure that you are close to terminal gate.

Ask for Help
IF there is any confusion with respect to the timing of your flight do not hesitate asking questions at the help desk of the fellow passengers. Just in case you feel that you are standing in the wrong queue or waiting at the wrong gate ask question to confirm.

Don’t Sleep
Waiting for a long duration at the airport can make you feel tired and sleepy. There are a lot of recliners placed at the airport and you will be tempted to take a snooze. Therefore, stay alert and try not sleeping. Just in case you are very tired and cannot help but catch some rest, set an alarm on your phone so that you can get up just in time for your flight. This tip is particularly important for solo travelers.

Make Sure the Group is Together
Sometimes the delays happen because one of the member of the group has wandered around the airport. So, if you are travelling with a friend or family members stick to one another like a herd.

If you pay attention to the points discussed in the write-up you will never miss a connecting flight. However, at times despite our best effort, things are not in our hands. Therefore, as a wise traveler you must always opt for travel insurance when travelling internationally. Travel insurance will come to your rescue, if you miss the flight owing to an unforeseen situation. IT covers flight delays, baggage lost, and even hotel expenses just in case you have to extend your stay.

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