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Useful Tips For a “Cool” Bike Trip

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A zeal for bike and a passion for a long road trip, many bikers think that these are enough for a memorable road trip. However, if you ask any smart motorcycle traveler who has logged a good number of ride miles, you will come to know that anything can go wrong even if you have planned your journey to the minutest. Along with zeal and passion, here are some of the important things that you should consider if you want to have a fun-filling motorcycle journey.

    1. Have a knowledge of your bike’s limits – Irrespective of the season in which you are riding; it is necessary to understand your motorcycle’s limits, including its power. When you are traveling a long distance, always have your plan B in place which you might need to implement when your bike runs above its limits.
    2. Gear up – While you are on a bike, one of the risks is hitting the road at a great speed and hurting yourself. Sometimes, these injuries can take a long time in healing and affect your daily life. No matter what the outside temperature is, t-shirts, shorts and slippers are not the right riding attire. You should wear leather which can easily take care of lots of abrasive force and is good choice for long-rides.

      Then putting on glasses or goggles is a must-have if you have an open-faced helmet along with wearing gloves to protect your hands. Do you know, of the 1,453 two-wheeler riders who died in road accidents between January 1, 2013, and June 28, 2015, 1,434 were riding their vehicle without a helmet? So, wear an ISI marked helmet to protect yourself against head injuries that otherwise could become fatal without a proper head shield.

    3. Ensure visibility – You might also travel during the night, and when it becomes more important to take steps to ensure the visibility. Make sure all the bike’s lights are operational. You should also invest in different gears, like the bold colour outfit, multicolored lights, etc.; to ensure the visibility both during day and night.
    4. Watch the road – When you are riding a bike, you should pay attention towards road conditions as well. Be vigilant while treading on unstable road conditions, taking curves, crossing rail tracks or going through uneven roads. Though, it is your fun ride, obey all traffic rules for a hassle-free journey.
    5. Buy a motorcycle insurance – Before hitting the road, make sure your two-wheeler insurance policy is active. A comprehensive bike insurance policy helps you by covering losses or damages caused by your bike to another person or vehicle during an accident. Also, you can approach your bike insurer in case your bike is also damaged in an accident.

      Always carry your insurer’s contact details with you as it can come handy in case your bike breaks down and you need assistance. Your one call to the insurer may help you get your vehicle towed to the nearest network garage, where the expenses will be directly settled between the insurer and the repair centre without the need for your involvement.

      You can also go with a long-term motorcycle insurance policy which offers the coverage for at least two or three years in one go. It means instead of renewing your bike insurance annually; you can buy a bike insurance coverage which continues to offer you coverage for a longer time. Also, as every year, the insurance apex body, IRDAI revises premium rates, you can insulate yourself against any rise in premium rates with a long-term bike insurance in which premium rates get freeze for a long duration.

    6. Embrace technology – A mere thought of riding on a wide road with no companion can excite a biker like you and me. However, embracing a little technology will make rides easy for you. An ISI market helmet with Bluetooth, for instance, can link you to your mobile phone and thus, not only plays music but also helps you take the call. Then you can use it for GPS directions and other rider-to-rider communications as well.

Last but not the least
Ride respectfully. Though wide open roads can tempt you to test your limits, it is essential that you bring safety beforehand. Instead of weaving amidst traffic, obey all the traffic and road rules.

Often people underrate motorcycles, however, when you hop on your bike, you have the chance to change that thinking. When you’re on the road, drive as if you are the ambassador of the motorist community. Sometimes, the journey is more beautiful than the destination, isn’t it?

Now when all is done, it boils down to this— be safe, buy a comprehensive motorcycle insurance, use the latest technology and above all enjoy the ride!

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