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Vice Presidents

Shri R. Venkataraman

Venkataraman was born in Rajamadam village in Tanjore district, Madras Presidency.
He studied law and practised in the Madras High Court and the Supreme Court of India.In his young age, he was an activist of the Indian independence movement and participated in the Quit India Movement. He was appointed member of the Constituent Assembly and the provisional cabinet.

M.A., B.L., Doctorate of Laws (Honoris Causa) (Universities of Madras, Nagarjuna and Burdwan), Doctorate of Social Sciences University of Roorkee)
Born on: December 4. 1910
Father's Name: Shri K. Ramaswami lyer
Spouse's Name: Shrimati Janaki Venkataraman
Positions Held:

Member :

(i) Provisional Parliament, 1950-52 and
(ii) Lok Sabha. 1952-57, 1977-79 and 1980-84;
(iii) Member, Madras Legislative Council, 1957-62 and 1962-67
Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, Lok Sabha;
Minister holding portfolios of Industries, Labour, Cooperation, Power and Transport, Government of Madras, 1957-67;
Leader of the House, Madras Legislative Council, 1957-67;
Member, Planning Commission, 1967-71;
Member, United Nations Administrative Tribunal, 1955-79 and its President, 1968-79;
Union Minister holding portfolios of Finance and Defence, 1980-84

Chairman and President :

Jury for the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding,
International Jury for the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development,
Indian Council for Cultural Relations and
Indian Institute of Public Administration;

Recipient of :

Tamra Patra' for participation in the Freedom Struggle,
Soviet prize for travelogue on Shri K. Kamraj's visit to the Socialist countries,
Souvenir by the Secretary-General, United Nations for distinguished service as President of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal and
Title 'Sat Seva Ratna' by His Holiness Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

Vice-President of India and ex-officio Chairman, Rajya Sabha, 31-8-1984 to 24-7-1987.
President of India, 25-7-1987 to 25-7-1992
Died on 27th January, 2009.

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