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Recipe: Vanilla muffins

Recipe: Vanilla muffins

Vanilla flavoured muffinsPreparation Time: 15 minutesCooking Time: 20 minutesMakes: 8Recipe Ingredients:80g Flour60g Powdered Sugar½ tbsp. Baking powder¼tsp Salt30ml Milk1tsp Pure vanilla extract2 large Eggs60g MargarineRecipe Method:Preheat oven to 200° C.Combine the flour, baking powder... read more »

Recipe: Tiramisu

Recipe: Tiramisu

Ingredients Nine teaspoons instant espresso powder dissolved in one and a half cups of water (cooled) – 250 ml baileys – 400 grams Savoiardi biscuits – Two eggs – 75 grams of caster sugar – 500 grams mascarpone cheese – Two and a half teaspoons cocoa... read more »

Know the varieties of tea

Know the varieties of tea

The varieties of tea now available in the market have shot up like never before. Whether you go to a supermarket to buy tea for your home or go to a tea-cafe, you will be faced with a lot of options, choosing from which can be a mind-boggling job if you don’t know your variety. From Earl... read more »

How about a sugar-free apricot shrikhand...

How about a sugar-free apricot shrikhand?

Sugar-free Apricot Shrikhand This is a combination of golden apricots and yoghurt generously garnished with pistachios. Ingredients: Golden apricots – 15-20 Sugar-free – 6 tsp Hung yoghurt – 2 cups Pistachios, sliced 10-15 Method: 1. Slice the golden apricots. Take them in a pan,... read more »

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Health tips for cooking red meat

In this health conscious age eating non vegetarian food is close to taboo. Consuming red meat does not imply one will develop lifestyle diseases. It depends on the cut of meat, the... read more »

Roast chicken with potatoes and veggies

My earliest memory of food: I remember eating cereal as a child. My favourite cereals were choco pops and fruity loops with milk. My favourite recipe: It’s a classic dish. I love... read more »

Fresh fruit ice creams to beat the heat

If eating ice creams is one of your ways to cool down during summers, this time around, give the artificial flavours a miss and try fresh fruit in your cones and ice cream bowls instead.... read more »

This summer, make a cold soup

Considered to be a wholesome meal by itself, chilled gazpachos and cucumber broths are perfect for the sweltering heat Can’t bear the thought of a hot bowl of what used to be your... read more »

Five rules of eating sushi

Here are the rules you should go by – Firstly, you do not use the chopsticks to pass food to another. That is actually said to be like giving the bones of a deceased person at a Japanese... read more »