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Telangana’s 1979 film Bandalingampalli, every paranoid thinks that the NASA space station, Skylab, will overtake them and leave a trail of destruction. The story unfolds in these real-life situations.
In the face of a professional crisis, Dr. Anand (Satyadev Kancharana) wants to use the state of the village to overcome it. Gouri (Nitya Menen) is a fun journalist who considers her rubbish writing to be literary in nature. She must find her game-changing story to put her own article in her diary. Ramarao (Rahul Ramakrishna) is Ananda’s Goto boy from the village despite the difficulties.
How do these three lives intersect? What will Skylab’s panic do for them and the town as a whole? This is the climax.


For a movie based on a true story, Skylab is more cinematic than a slice of life. Screenwriter and director Vishhwak Khandderao makes a list of interesting characters. The main characters, especially Kouri, are rather unique. The comedy is inspired by the surprising events of 1979 in part of Telangana. This film was shot in sound sync mode and was not dubbed separately.

Anand is immoral and moral, a mixture of both personality types. Gouri has a loving mother (Tulasi). Her father is Dorae, but the family’s orders are foolish. The comedy featuring Gowry and her servant (playing the mighty Vishnu Oi) is rather enjoyable.
Comedy AnandRamarao suffers from a weak attempt to convey the moment LOL. As such, there is no repentance. There is a possibility in the situation, but it is solved by indifferent writing.
This scenario appears as a shocking climax. It is here that Skylab turns into concrete stories with sublime goals. Though I think a lot, this is not a sermon.
Templars and priests who can’t offer anything in a serious crisis don’t hesitate to explain. Children and the elderly have something to tell you. The delicate workmanship of Nitya Menen is a plus. She also supported the film as a co-producer. Satyadev’s perfect conversation is a bit confusing. But, as always, he has a good chemistry with the sincere and talented Rahul Ramakrishna. Rahula’s character comes from a family dominated by false fame. But the way this arc unfolds remains a lot.
Prashant R Vihari’s background music is worth mentioning, as is Aditya Javwadi’s talented cinematography. Shivam Rao’s design is a plus.
For all the strengths of the technical aspects, the film doesn’t feel like a trueblue period film. It was a conscious attempt, to be sure.


A great “Skylab” premise is combined with a meaty climax. But the halfway between traditional comedy and sub-level is boring.


Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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