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Vivek Oberoi says Bollywood is “an exclusive club”. “Your name and lobby are more important than talent.”

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Vivek Oberoi, who plays a significant role in the web series Inside Edge, talks about how Bollywood has now evolved into an exclusive club, and that he does his best to `nurture’ fresh talent.
Actor Vivek Oberoi has had a difficult journey in Bollywood and was almost written off at one point, but he has no regrets about the professional decisions he made. Recently, the actor, who is has a crucial role in the web show Inside Edge,
said that Bollywood has now evolved into an `exclusive club`, where surnames are prioritised over talent. He also said that he does his best to nurture new talent.
Speaking to Hindustan Times about how he still treasures his turbulent journey, he went on to say, “As far as practical aspects of it, being ….(sounds funny when I say it) being a senior who has been around for 20 years, I do feel we have missed a trick or two.
He added: “One big complaint I have with my industry is that I haven’t created a nursery to train young talent. It’s difficult. We’ve turned into this exclusive club where it’s not your talent, it’s your talent, it’s Robina Darva who makes a name or acquaintance or salam. This is unfortunate.”
Vivec added that he was struggling to attract “new and fresh” talent and support new actors. He said on the Inside Edge show that he asked Excel producer Rishi Chadhi to put Rishi Chadhi’s name above his name. mentioned. “When I was doing this show (Inside Edge), I asked Excel (the producer of Excel Entertainment) to put Richie Chadhi’s name instead of mine for a little story about the empowerment of women in my head. Although technically she’s been in her industry longer than she has, “Let’s have Richard Chadda and Vivek Oberoi in the lead roles. That’s fine. And that’s what I celebrate,” he said. And he added, “Congratulations” to all of his female colleagues. “I think Rich is a great actress for her and I was lucky to be able to work with her. This equanimity, this feeling of letting go of all hierarchies and having creative people having fun on set should guide it,” he said.
Vivek Oberoi debuted as a Company in 2002 and has since appeared in films such as Saathiya, Shootout at Lokhandwala and Omkara. He currently plays an important role on the Inside Edge web show.

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