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Raveena Tandon, Taapsee Pannu scared to work with ‘confused directors’, says actors bear the brunt of bad reviews

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Taapsee Pannu and Raveena Tandon have said that their ‘biggest fear’ as actors is not understanding the vision of the directors. The two have agreed that actors have to bear the brunt sometimes because of ‘confused’ filmmakers. They said the audience judges the actors for how they approach their characters, whereas its actually the director who instructed them to do so.

“There are times when the director is confused. Achha aise nahi, chalo aise try karte two (not that, try another one). But we can’t do that, sir, because that’s the necessary attitude. Then at that point you have a conflict in your mind about what he really wants from the character. Does he want it that way or does he want it that way? And then it got a bit confusing,” said Raveena during a panel discussion.
Raveena and Taapsee chatted with Rajeev Masand during the 2021 cast roundtable. Taapsee said: “They do, but on set. , this suddenly changed. It happened at times when we discussed and thought “okay, that should be the character approach” and then you hit a high and (say to) react like that (in a different way) . But here I say ‘it doesn’t fit the discussion we had earlier’. (The director said), “no, in this situation, react, do as I say”. That scared me. You have to at least tell me so I know where the chart in my head starts, where it ends, what my next move is. Where can I record the emotions of my next shoot? You can’t just say “Ye bhi karlo, wo bhi karlo, jo better hoga wo dekhlenge” (do it, do it, we’ll get the best picture). That scared me.
Raveena agrees with Taapsee and says that it is the actor who has to bear the consequences. She said, “At the end of the day, it’s the actor’s face. Because when the reviews come out, it’s like, ‘Oh, she didn’t. ” this. Taapsee echoed the same sentiment.
Taapsee added, “Sometimes they edit. There’s a transition photo that we came up with and it was picked up in the edit because of the length or whatever. I said to myself, “How am I going to make sense, I am in this feeling and now, all of a sudden, I am in this emotion”. There is a transition plan, but they say “no, it’s not necessary”. I look bad as an actor because I can’t express emotions. “

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