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Throwback Thursday: Rashmika Mandanna once called KGF star Yash a ‘Big Showoff’ in Sandalwood and all hell broke loose

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There was a time when Rashmika Mandanna was entangled in controversy when she named KGF actor and superstar Kannada Rocking Star Yash as the “giant” in the sandalwood industry.
Rashmika Mandanna is currently enjoying all the glory from the massive success of the recently released Pushpa: The Rise starring Allu Arjun. She juggles photo shoots and commercials while enjoying all the attention she receives around the country. However, there was a time when Rashmika was entangled in controversy when he named KGF actor and superstar Kannada Rocking Star Yash as a “giant” in the sandalwood industry. And the moment she did, she got a hit from Yash fans.
It turns out that in 2017, Rashmika was invited for an interview to share her thoughts on who she believes is a huge star in the Kannada film industry. At first, Rashmika looked rather hesitant about naming the person, but then gave in to the question and took the name Yash.
His statement angered Yash fans. They started trolling Rashmika on a large scale and demanded an apology. In fact, even Kannada director Santhosh Anandram once expressed his displeasure with Rashmika’s statement and shared on Facebook that “Yash is not a showman but Sandalwood’s Mr. Showman because of all the difficulties. .
When the situation spiraled out of control, Yash and Rashmika both had to make a public statement to calm the matter down. Breaking his silence on Rashmika’s statement, Yash asked his fans to stop trolling Rashmika once and for all. He added that although he has never met Rashmika or even talked to her, she has the right to express her own opinion on any matter.
“I’m just an actor who can’t wait to entertain you and earn your respect and love. I have a habit of omitting certain things that are not relevant to me or seem unnecessary. My fans love me and I can’t help but respond to their grief at the time of their crash. I will never be able to repay the love my fans have given me and just for that I will be forever indebted to you. Personally, I don’t know Rashmika Mandanna. We neither met nor talked. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have an opinion of me. This is his opinion of me and I ask all of you not to degrade his opinion. Please respect him, just like me. Please respect everyone’s opinion because each individual will have their own perspective. No one can change my opinion or my personality. No regrets about it, so I ask you all to drop this once and for all,” Yash’s Facebook post read. declared on Yash. She said she didn’t want to disrespect anyone, adding that she admires Yash’s work and is an inspiration to her. Dear all, first allow me to share that I am also extremely unhappy and disturbed by this sudden incident involving a talk show, which was filmed 7 months ago, even before the broadcast. practice Kirik Party. The interview aired on Star Suvarna when Kirik Party was recently released and rebroadcast. I don’t disrespect Yash Sir or anyone. In fact, on so many occasions I have expressed my admiration for Yash Sir, his talent and the way he has inspired everyone, myself included.
Sorry, the media overlooked that I mentioned Santhu Straight Forward as my favorite movie at the time. When you edit and just take two lines of the less severe part of the program and edit it… the context is lost. It’s really sad. That’s not a claim on me but it’s a fast paced shooter and never in my dreams did I have the slightest idea that this would be taken seriously despite my admiration and all of it. all the positive statements I’ve made about it. I’m sorry if I hurt any of your feelings. I did not mean to. My education would never allow me to do that. I asked people to take a look at my other interviews and fb life where I enjoyed Yash Sirs’ work and when asked, I also expressed my desire to work with him. The media has been very supportive of my career since I entered the profession and has always supported me in every step I take. I wholeheartedly ask the media to please do not exaggerate this matter and further hurt Yash sir and his loved ones. Let’s put this bitter episode aside and move on to better things. I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding caused. Nimma aashirvada sadaa irali. Nimma Rashmika,” .

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