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Body Piercing Aftercare

Body piercing should be treated like an open wound, which requires proper care. If adequate attention is not paid, you might have to face serious consequences. Don't letfashion stand in the way of your good health. Cleanliness is of utmost importance, otherwise it can cause infection. Piercing is of two kinds: oral and non oral. Well, in this article, we will provide you with information on the body piercing aftercare, so read on

The newly pierced area is usually reddish and swollen. Normally, the healing period is 2-3 weeks. In the initial phase, be very careful about piercing. Don't touch the area with unwashed hands. Never use Neosporin on the body piercing, as it is likely to invite bacteria. Do not apply hydrogen peroxide on the pierced area, as it tends to delay the healing process. Don't take the risk of removingjewelry, before the pierced area has completely healed.

If you suspect an infection on the pierced area, visit a piercing professional and seek his advice. During the initial phase of body piercing, do not sleep on the side of your pierced area. Avoid wearing tightclothes over your piercing, as it can slow down the healing. Cleaning the pierced area is of prime importance. Do not find excuses to escape from it. Otherwise, you might have to pay a heavy price for your carelessness.

For cleansing purpose, make use of the antibacterial soap that is free from any sort of fragrance. Wash the area with warm water, as it enables you to effectively remove the dead skin formed around the pierced area. Washcloth should be completely avoided, as it serves as the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Same goes true for bath towels. While cleaning the area, make sure your hands are absolutely germ free. When it comes to body piercing post care, rinsing is very vital.


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