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Tongue Piercing

Being fashionable and trendy has become the need of the contemporary times. The most popular fashion of today is tongue piercing. Just for fashion sake, people are ready to endure the pain and sufferings associated with tongue piercing. It is also known as oral piercing. There are plenty of health hazards related with it. In this article, we will provide with some useful piece of information on tongue piercing.

Tongue piercing often leads to the occurrence of swelling, which gives an excessive feeling of discomfort. The swelling usually lasts for a couple of days. To assuage swelling, keep some ice inside your mouth. It will take care of your swelling and also help in lessening the feeling of uncomfort. Wear a longer piece of initialjewelry, so as to prevent the healed piercing from causing harm to teeth and gums. The healing period of tongue piercing is generally between 4-6 weeks. Read on to know about the danger of tongue piercing…

While piercing the tongue, if by chance, a vein gets cut; there is a likelihood of heavy bleeding. Bleeding to a certain extent is considered normal. But, if the piercer is not able to control the situation, there arises a need to contact a medical professional. Gums and teeth have to sometimes bear the brunt of tongue piercing. In case of large size gauge, there is a danger of gum erosion. It can also lead to chipping of teeth.

Aftercare of tongue piercing is much more cumbersome when compared to other kinds of piercing. The pierced area comes in direct contact with almost everything that makes an entry into the mouth, such as food and smoke. It is due to this reason that, most of the tongue piercers advise not to smoke or indulge in oral sex till the pierced area gets completely healed. It is of utmost importance to rinse your mouth properly with an antiseptic mouthwash.


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