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Body Piercing Methods

The basic idea of getting the body pierced is to wear beautiful jewelry in the opening created. It is one of the best means to adorn and accentuate your body. Body piercing is one of the most popularfashions, which is swaying the entire nation. It is gaining momentum not just amongst the girls, but also is extremely popular among the boys. There are different kinds of methods available for body piercing. In this article, we will provide you with information on the body piercing technique

Different Methods of Body Piercing

Needle Method
Needle method is one of the most common methods used for body piercing. As the name suggests, it involves the use of medical hollow needle. Using the needle, a hole is created in the skin. While the needle is still inside the pierced body part, the initial jewelry is inserted into it. Needle method is the standard practice that is followed in most of the countries.

Piercing Guns
Piercing gun method is increasingly gaining popularity, due to the ease that it provides. There is a gun device that pierces by forcefully pushing a stud through the body part. The concept of piercing gun works on the same principle as stapler. Gun method is more often brought to use by non professional piercers. It is not a very safe method, as it is cumbersome to sterilize the piercing gun.

Cannula Method
This method is almost the same as the standard needle method. The only difference lies in the fact that instead of inserting the initial jewelry into the pierced body part, it is pushed inside a hollow plastic tube, known as cannula.

Scalpel Method
If you wish to have a large gauge body piercing, medical scalpel solves the purpose by making a bigger cut. This technique has also proved to be effective in correcting asymmetry if there is any.

Pierce and Taper
This technique is basically used for larger gauge piercings. It is apt for piercing body parts that have a very elastic skin. It is an extension of the standard needle method. After having pierced the body part using a needle, it involves the inserting of a tapered steel bar so as to widen the opening. Following the tapered bar, the jewelry is inserted.

Dermal Punching
Dermal punching is a method that ensures that the hole created would sustain for a longer period of time. It is mainly used in case of upper ear piercing. It demands the removal of skin and cartilage so as to life the pressure generated due to piercing.


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