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Eyelid Surgery Tips

Blepharoplasty is the medical term for eyelid surgery. In this surgery the fat and the extra skin and muscles are removed from the upper and lower eyelids. This is corrective surgery for sagging upper lids and bags below the lower lids. Dropping lids and bags under the eye make a person look old and tired and in cases may affect eyesight. This procedure does not removewrinkles around the eye or the dark circles under the eyes. This procedure cannot be used to remove ethnically and racially distinct eye patterns. Eyelid surgery can be done along with other facial procedures or by itself.

Candidates who wish to undergo this surgery should be physically and mentally fit. Though this procedure can improve the way you look you must not have unrealistic expectations. People over 35 years of age and who have a family history of baggy eyelids can go in for this surgery. You will have to get a bill of perfecthealth from your doctor before undergoing this surgery. As it could be a risky procedure for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes etc. Your ophthalmologist will also have to declare that your eyes are fit enough to undergo surgery. Like any other surgery this surgery too has its risks and complications. Most of the time they are minor like an infection, blurring of vision, double vision etc.

It is important to have a detailed discussion with your surgeon about the operation. Thedoctor will have to consider your entire medical history before deciding to operate. A recentophthalmology report will also be required. Together you will have to decide the extent of the operation and the outcome. The length of the operation will depend on the number of eyelids being operated on. Incisions are made along the natural lines of the eye so that the scars are not visible. Instructions about postoperative care should be followed carefully and accurately as advised by the surgeon. Soon after the operation there may be some blurring and you may even have double vision. Your vision will get back to normal gradually. You can watch TV and read after about three days. Most doctors advise patients to wait for about 10 days before going back to work. All of this is dependent on how well you wounds heal. Sensitivity to sunlight may last a few weeks. Use sunglasses whenever you go out. Healing process will be complete in about six months, after which there evidence of surgery will be almost invisible.

For most people the young and confident look resulting from surgery is permanent.


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