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Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery

It is suggested to think strongly about 'risks of plastic surgery' before you really go for one. Read further to know more about different characteristics of such risks…

Any type of cosmetic surgical procedure involves, certain common risks. Infection, dry eye problems, bleeding, blindness and damage to nerves, blood vessels and muscles within the eye are just a few complications that can occur when eyelid surgery is done. Less serious risks comprises of allergic reactions, asymmetry, unceasing pain, delayed or prolonged healing of the affected area, permanent or temporary eyelash hair loss, scarring, and dissatisfaction with the end result, among others. This is not to mention additional risks involved with local and general anesthesia administered to patients receiving surgical treatment.

It's always healthy to get exposed about the pros, cons and risk factors involved with cosmetic surgery. It is not meant to replace the opinions and decisions of medical authorities, but to bring a clear and unbiased awareness to the overall concept of cosmetic surgery. New cosmetic surgery technologies go on coming out with the assurance of better results. But many doctors say that the risk of complications is also rising as record numbers of doctors and patients enter an essentially unregulated field. Many 'fake doctors' make plastic surgeries and many times, his/her surgery proves to be fatal for the aspirant. Many cases by the surgeries of these kind of untrained doctors have ruined a person's smile by making it look unnatural. Because these procedures are often rushed to the market without clinical trials and the problems usually come to light after the work is done.

Some common risks of cosmetic surgery are

  • Drop in Blood Pressure
    Some people decrease in blood pressure is normal during surgery. However, a sudden drop due to blood loss could lead to irregular heartbeat and possibly a heart attack.

  • Infection
    The risk of infection after cosmetic surgery is less than 1% and antibiotics reduce this risk dramatically. However, if infection does occur, it is very serious. People who smoke, take steroids or have certain vascular conditions are at greater risk. The longer your surgery lasts and the more blood you lose, the more likely you are to have an infection.

  • Loose Stitches
    If the sutures after the cosmetic surgery come loose, it can lead to internal bleeding or a hernia. Such problems would require additional surgery.

  • Asymmetry
    risks of moderate or severe asymmetries may require a second surgery immediately after the first one. Mild asymmetry is normal.

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