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All About Tummy Tuck

The medical term for tummy tuck is Abdominoplasty. In this procedure surgery removes the extra fat and skin in the middle and lower portions of the abdomen. And stitching the loose tissues and muscles together tightens the abdominal wall. Thus decreasing the bulging abdomen to a great extent. If the skin on the lower abdomen hasstretch marks it may be removed. Other stretch marks may improve a little. Abdominal skin is pulled down and the extra is removed. A small incision is made for the navel. The surgery will leave a permanent scar depending on the extent of correction required. But it will result in a flatter and tighter stomach than before. People, who want to reduce only the lower abdomen, can undergo a mini tummy tuck instead of the whole procedure.

A person who wants to undergo abdominoplasty should be healthy and his weight should more or less be normal. The person should have extra skin and weak muscles in the stomach region. An overweight person will be asked to shed some weight before the surgery can be conducted. This surgery can be useful for men and women. The results of the surgery also depend on the individual's age and skin tone. The plastic surgeon will take all these factors into consideration while deciding whether the individual is fit to undergo Abdominoplasty. The surgeon will brief the patient about the risks involved and the kind of postoperative care that is required. The information given by the doctor should be clearly understood and instruction accurately followed. This will ensure the best results and a speedy recovery.

After a tummy tuck, the patient's abdomen will remain firm and flat for a number of years. But if there is significant weight gain or loss or the patient becomes pregnant the results of the surgery will be lost. A few years after the surgery if the patient is again unhappy with the way his stomach looks, he can undergo another tummy tuck to improve his figure.


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