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Feng shui

Feng Shui Principles

The basic principle of Feng Shui is Chi. It is the invisible form of energy which sustains all life forms on this earth. Chi is a Chinese word and does not have a particular meaning. It pertains to cosmic energy, life force, breath, and vapor. The flow of this energy affects all the areas of one's life and is affected by both the interior as well as exterior elements of the physical environment. This includes colors, shapes, orientation, lighting, objects, their positions and arrangements, the use of space, and the degree of cleanliness or clutter.

There are a number of sources through which the Chi energy enters your body, namely food, air, water, land, vegetation, sun and other celestial bodies, your living and working environment. This energy is utilized by the body for various human activities, that of digestion, breathing, thinking, and all the other vital activities. However, the chi is of different types, ruling the different aspects of the universe. The primary ones are given below

Chi of Heaven
Chi of the heaven includes the chi of air, the weather, the sky, the stars, and other heavenly bodies. The different energies determine the effect of the various exponents on humans and other life forms.

Chi of Earth
Chi of earth is one of the main existent energies. Though one cannot change the energy forms, but can definitely alter them for good and bad. Chi of the earth is further divided into many categories, depending on the characteristics of the land. The main energies of the chi of the earth are classified as:

  • Lively, Vibrant, and Nourishing
    This type of chi is found in places which have woods, streams, and flora & fauna in abundance. This environment generates negative ions which are actually beneficial for mental health. As a result, the place contains high levels of oxygen and positivity, example Hawaii.
  • Arid, Barren, and Hostile
    This type of chi is found in places which are not fit for human inhabitation. These locations carry negative magnetic fields, extreme temperatures and lack of life forms. In a longer span of time, they can actually drain life from living beings, example Dead Sea.

Chi of House and Living Environments
Our homes also have their own chi, which mainly depends on the energies of the residents and the general and specific details of the structure. The harmony between the chi of a living environment and the chi of the humans within this space is termed as Feng Shui. A house contains different types of chi, which determine the environment of the house.

Types of House Chi

  • Chi of the House
    Creates life effects on occupants
  • Studious Chi
    Supports atmosphere of learning and cultivation
  • Noble Chi
    Brings Honor, principles, and worthiness
  • Angry Chi
    Creates feeling of tension, arguments, and bitterness
  • Fighting Chi
    Brings clashes, violence, and a feeling of fear in the environment
  • Wealthy Chi
    Brings prosperity and abundance
  • Gambling Chi
    Fortunes can rise or fall rapidly
  • Lucky Chi
    Brings good fortune and happiness
  • Unlucky Chi
    Relates to bad or evil activities
  • Death/Dying Chi
    Makes the environment uncongenial for residents


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