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Feng Shui Colors

Colors play an important part in our lives. They fill our heart with vibrancy and beauty. The world is unperceivable without colors, as it would have made everything very dull. There would not have been any beauty in the world and a great monotony would have set in. Therefore, colors are very play a significant role in Feng Shui also. One of the basic theories of feng Shui is the Five Element Theory, which is associated with the use of colors. The color tips provided by the Feng Shui are another way of enhancing energy flow in your surroundings.

Each of the five elements i.e. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood is expressed by a particular color. These colors are used in the specific area, related with their respective element - using Bagua, the energy map. These colors can be applied to your surroundings in many ways, which will spread harmony. The various options available are wall colors, art, images, photos and other decorative items. The Feng Shui color guide provided below will help you in making your life better in every way.

Elements and Colors

Fire - Passion and High Energy
The element Fire is a high energy element and supports recognition in career. It is linked with the South direction and is also applied in the Northeast and Southwest areas of your space. The colors supporting this element are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Strong Yellow
Earth - Nourishment and Stability
The element Earth is a strong element, which spreads harmony and brings stability, nourishment and protection in all your relationships. Northeast and southwest are the directions recommended for this element. It is also known s the element of center of your home. The Feng Shui colors for earth are:
  • Light Yellow
  • Beige
Metal - Clarity and Precision
The Metal element of Feng Shui is recommended, as it brings sharpness, precision, clarity and efficiency in your surroundings. Apart from this, it also helps to live with clarity and lightness. West and Northwest are the directions which are devoted to this element. It is also gives good results in the North area of your home or office. Feng Shui Metal colors are:
  • Gray
  • White
Water - Ease, Freshness and Abundance Water symbolizes abundance and is therefore, a potent Feng Shui element. It brings refreshing energy, calmness, ease, purity and freshness. It should be applied in the North direction. It is also considered good in the East and Southeast areas of your space. Feng Shui colors for Water element are:
  • Blue
  • Black
Wood - Health and Vitality Feng Shui element, Wood is related with healing powers. It is also deemed to bring energy of health, vitality and growth. It is used as a cure for bringing wealth and prosperity and is apt for East and Southeast areas. It can also be put in the South. Feng Shui Wood colors are:
  • Brown
  • Green


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