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Feng shui

Feng Shui Cures

People face a number of problems in different spheres of their lives, everyday. These problems can be due to various reasons like unbalanced energy flow, which is not realized by them. At such a moment the principles of Feng Shui comes to their quick rescue. Feng Shui provides numerous ways to solve their difficulties and improves the quality of their life. There are nine basic cures of Feng Shui, which promise to put an end to all your worries. These cures are based on the varied elements of nature and can be applied to your home and office to bring prosperity in your life.

Bright Objects
The bright objects used in feng Shui are crystals, mirrors and lights. These objects have their implications on the surrounding environment. Light sources add warmth, cheerfulness, comfort and brightness to the ambience. Crystals are used, as they shift and relocate the energy of a space in different ways. Mirrors are also important, as they signify unity, clarity of thought, wholeness, power, etc. They are used in different shapes and sizes and have a flawless surface.

Sound is also an important medium for achieving cures for different problems. It helps in warding off negative energy and reinstates the flow of positive energy. There are two types of sounds mainly employed for feng shui cures, ringing sound and other sounds. Ringing sounds are more powerful and can be produced with tools like wind chimes, bells and gongs. Wind chimes attract positive energy, opportunities and wards off negative vibrations.

Metal wind chimes are preferred for Feng Shui cures, as they produce clear tones. Wind chime sounds should be pleasant to your ears for being effective. Where chimes can't work, bells are brought in. These bells can be hung anywhere and activated anytime. Apart from this, gongs are also brought in use for cures. The gongs are mainly placed on the entrances to homes, buildings or properties.

Living Objects
Living objects are one of the most-frequently used cures in Feng Shui. The objects used for it are plants, fish bowls, flowers, birds, hamsters, etc. These objects symbolize life and growth. You should also remove dead and dying plants and flowers, as they symbolize death. Use plants with round leaves, instead of ones with pointing leaves.

Moving Objects
Moving objects used for cure include mobiles, fountains and windmills. Fountains and waterfalls are very beneficial, as they restore the flow of fresh energy. It also signifies flowing money and has a soothing effect.

Symbolic Objects
Symbolic objects can be items which are close to your heart, like musical instruments and handmade crafts. These objects generate positive energy, as they remind you about the fond memories attached with them.

Colors also have a profound influence on the environment of your house and office. Different colors generate different energies and are supportive to different elements. For example, red is a strong chi-generator. Therefore, you should choose colors according to your requirement, place and element. There also other sources which can be applied to the interiors and exteriors of your house and office according to your lifestyle, culture and décor. Some of them have been given below.

Heavy Objects

  • Stones
  • Statues
  • Large potted plants
Electrical Objects
  • Stereos (the type of music played is crucial for the feng shui correction)
  • Fans
  • Posters or art work
  • Symbolic images


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