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Feng shui

Feng Shui Symbols

Feng Shui symbols serve as important tools for transforming negative energy into positive. These symbols can help you in improving the quality of your life. They serve the purpose of balancing and harmonizing energy in your house. These symbols are an important tool of Feng Shui. Symbols are an easy way of adding Feng Shui elements to your house and life. With the help of these, you can add required color foe generating a desired effect in your surroundings. Different Feng Shui symbols are available in different types.

Some of the symbols are such that you will have to suspend them through a cord. They can be put as wall hangings in the house or can be worn around your neck as a necklace. This way the symbol can be put exactly anywhere you want it to be, according to your wish. There are also element symbols of earth, metal, wood, water and fire, which can be used as an element substitute in your house. Feng shui zodiac and birth symbols are also available. The symbols are also present in sticker forms too.

Whatever forms the symbol might be present in; one should know its meaning and significance. Also, it should be placed at the right location, so that it produces the right effect. There are some specific symbols which are very popular amongst Chinese people and are strictly adhered to. These signs are believed to bring good and positive energy in their homes and lives. The top ten symbols of Feng Shui are listed below:

Fu - It is one of the popular symbols used by Chinese. It symbolizes Blessing, Good Fortune and Good Luck.

Lu - This symbol stands for Prosperity.

Shou - This symbol relates to Longevity. It also refers to life, age or birthday.

Xi - This symbol means Happiness. The double happiness is usually posted on Chinese weddings.

Cai - This symbolizes wealth or money.

He - This symbol means harmony. Harmony is an important aspect of people's life in China.

Ai - This is one of the dearest symbols, as it stands for love and affection.

Mei - It is another beautiful, pretty symbol, as it also stands for love and affection.

Ji - This symbol is supposed to bring good luck.

De - This symbol refers to virtue, moral, heart, mind, and kindness, etc.


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