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Feng shui

Yin and Yang

What is Feng Shui? It is a complex branch of knowledge, which was developed by the Chinese. It explains the phenomenon of balancing environmental energies to bring good health, wealth and fortune to individuals. The term 'Feng Shui' is made up of two words, Feng that means 'wind' and Shui that means 'water'. In China, people associate clear wind and water with good health and harvest. This gave Feng Shui its name, which refers to good livelihood and fortune. Feng Shui is based on the theory of understanding nature and living in harmony with it.

It also believes that land is alive and has its own energy which affects the inhabitants of the place. This gave rise to the various theories and principles of Feng Shui. The basic principles are that of five elements and the Yin-Yang energy. In order to enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui, one should have knowledge about the basics and should use them in the correct manner. To get started with Feng Shui, we have provided its seven basic steps below. They should be strictly followed to reap maximum benefits.

Clear Out your Clutter
Clear the clutter in your house and throw away everything which cannot be used. It is like a therapy which will help you lighten both, the environment of your house as well as your mind. This will bring harmony and clear energy in your home.

Have Good Quality Air and Good Quality Light in your Space
Good quality air and good quality space, both are very crucial for the flow of good Chi, or energy. This can be achieved by opening windows frequently, using an air purifier or air purifying plants. Do allow light to enter your house, and use as much natural light as possible.

Define the Ba-Gua
Define the Ba-Gua, by using the Feng Shui compass. This way you will identify the various areas connected to your life. Ba Gua will help you bring these areas in harmony.

Study the Five Elements of Feng Shui
Acquire knowledge about the five elements of Feng Shui. This will help you to balance the specific element in specific areas as well as the overall five elements of the house.

Find out your Feng Shui Birth Element
Your Feng Shui birth element will help you in creating a congenial environment for yourself. You can balance your Feng Shui element with the other five and enhance your joy and success.

Find your Kua Number
Determine your Kua number, as it is helpful in various manners. By knowing the number, you can always benefit from all the directions. The Kua number will give you the direction favorable for you. You can then arrange your bed, home, office, etc, accordingly.

Always be Mindful of the State of your Home
Be aware of the state of your house, as it influences the living beings residing in it. Take special care of the 'triangle', which constitutes your bedroom, your bathroom and your kitchen. All the three places directly affect your health and well being.


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