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Wood Furniture Care

Furniture in a room adds to the character of the room. The style of furniture used in a room is a reflection of the owner's personality. Type of furniture used and the style in which it is arranged is a personal style statement. Wooden furniture is the most popular type of furniture for any room. Furniture made of wood is an all time favorite and furniture made out of no other material has the same effect. We all try to take good care of our wooden furniture. But the furniture still gets scratched and stained. Here are a few tips that you can follow at home to take care of wooden furniture:

  • Felt tipped pens can be used to hide small scratches on furniture.
  • Bottled shoe polish can be used to cover up stains on furniture.
  • To hide stains left by cups and glasses, use abrasive paper to rough up and then rub cigarette ash mixed with cooking oil.
  • Hire a professional to polish furniture once or twice a year.
  • Do not use household cleaners with ammonia to clean furniture.
  • Clean finish of wooden furniture with a diluted mild soap solution.
  • To protect the finish from damage polish furniture once a week, using good quality polish.
  • Do not use polish that contains silicone or alcohol. Alcohol is the main ingredient in many strippers and using alcohol can spoil the finish.
  • While placing hot dishes on the dining table use a tablecloth.
  • Do not place furniture in direct sunlight as the sun dries wood.
  • Use wooden coaster to prevent stains from water rings.
  • Water spots should be allowed to dry completely. Then apply mayonnaise not sandwich spread on to a soft cloth and rub on the watermark. More often than not they disappears.
  • If candle wax drips onto a wooden table, let it cool and harden. Then place an ice cube on the wax and leave for sometime. The wax will become brittle, and then use a plastic spatula to gently scrape the wax off. Polish table using cream furniture polish and clean cloth.
  • Scratches can be hidden using a scratch cover product. Take a clean cloth apply the product on it and rub gently over the scratch.
  • Mix lemon oil and 3 parts of olive oil to make furniture polish at home.

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