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Moving Furniture

There is no doubt that furniture should be used carefully and take care of properly. At the same time you should handle furniture carefully and in the right manner to ensure that it lasts long. To handle a piece of furniture properly and to move it carefully you should know the way the piece is constructed. The other thing that is important is the plan the moving of the piece carefully. Here are a few tips about handling and moving furniture:

  • Before moving furniture, find out how it is has been put together. Parts that can be detached should be removed. Lift the furniture and carry it where it is the strongest.
  • Before moving furniture study the route that you will use to move the furniture. Locate things that can cause trouble. For example light fixtures that jut out the wall can cause damage to the furniture and be damaged while moving furniture.
  • Glass tabletops should be moved carefully and the route must be cleared of all obstruction. Wrap the glass tabletop with furniture moving pad or wrap a blanket around it to prevent any damage to it. This measure can be used while moving any piece of furniture.
  • Using padding is important especially if you are storing the piece away.
  • Before moving furniture plan exactly where you will place the furniture after you move it. Ensure that the temperature of the new location is the same as the present one. Sudden and extreme variation in temperature and humidity will damage the furniture.
  • Move furniture slowly and carefully. Bumping the furniture against doorways, walls or other furniture can cause damage to the furniture.
  • Use the required number of men to move furniture.
  • Hold the furniture you are moving firmly. Ensure that it does not slip from your hand.
  • Do no slide or drag furniture along the floor. The furniture and the floor or carpeting will be damaged.
  • Appoint one person to guide you along the route as you move the furniture.
  • The single most important thing is to plan carefully and meticulously, ensure that there are no obstructions and plan every set of the route.

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