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Leather Furniture

Some years ago not everyone could afford to buy leather furniture. Leather furniture was used and meant for the elite and rich strata of society. In the past few years the prices of leather furniture has come down considerably as leather furniture has become very popular. Today leather furniture is available in a number of styles that buying leather furniture has become affordable. Here are a few tips about leather furniture that you can use before buying it.


  • The durability and price of leather is dependent on the grade of the leather.
  • Top grain leather is leather taken from the outer surface of the hide.
  • Split grain leather is leather takes from the lower surface of the hide, which is weaker.
  • All expensive leather furniture is made from top grain leather.
  • Top grain leather is graded depending on the way the leather has been manufactured.
  • Aniline leather is made by soaking it in aniline dye and does not have any other finish or pigment.
  • Only the best hides are put through this process that makes the leather extremely soft.
  • Semi-aniline leather is coated or pigmented slightly to protect it from stains and fading.
  • Pigmented leather is colored on the surface and is made from poorer hides, is stiffer and therefore more affordable.


  • Leather is graded according to the way it is finished for the market.
  • Almost perfect mark-free hides are very rare and therefore expensive.
  • Most aniline has wrinkles and scars on it. This makes it look natural.
  • Adding finishes and pigments to leather protect it from the sun and stains.


  • Texture of leather furniture is partly dependent on its grade.
  • Good quality leather is soft and supple whereas pigmented leather is stiffer.
  • Nubuck leather is top grain leather that has been brushed or abraded creating a short nap along with softness. It is treated thus making it more stain resistant than other anilines.
  • Suedes look and feel like Nubuck but are made from spilt grain leather.
  • Sauvage leather has a two-toned effect that gives a marbled or creased appearance.
  • Pull-up leather is aniline leather with an oil or wax application. When this leather is pulled the oil or wax separates creating a lighter color. This method is used to give leather a weathered look.
  • Embossed leather has its grains corrected so that a new pattern or grain is imprinted on them. Subjecting leather to high heat or pressure embosses leather.

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