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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets should be ideally sturdy, good to look at, moisture and spill proof, scratch and heat resistant and should be long lasting. Today, creative and hidden storage solutions are a craze along with many types, colors and styles of cabinet doors and their hinges, knobs and interior fixtures to serve special and customized purposes. Cabinet designs and the size of shelves should be decided upon carefully to make the best use of available space and to suit the kitchen design. However, there are few tips that you can make use of:

  • Cabinets can include base drawers that can slide easily, special corner units that can fit in small space and wall cabinets of all shapes, widths and heights to suit the kitchen shape and storage needs.
  • You may also have your sink and appliances built-in, for hidden areas.
  • Cabinets with legs or plinths as the base look quiet different and unique and can transform your kitchen with its designer looks.
  • Legs to the cabinets make the kitchen feel more spacious while plinths look aesthetic and provide more stability to a large kitchen. Moisture proofs plinths are of course the best ones for the kitchen.
  • Decide on the walls where you want to install cabinets and measure the exact height and width along with doors and windows. Check how much space a door or window takes to swing open and take it onto account too.
  • Install wall cabinets before the base cabinets as it is the easiest way for installation.
  • Be sure to fill in any gaps and corners using shims and angles.
  • Make sure that the opposite walls are parallel in a U-shaped kitchen.
  • First install the corner cabinets and then move to the center while installing the wall cabinets.

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