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Inspiration for your kitchen style can come from interior decoration magazines that show beautiful designer kitchens that look so efficient and functional or a TV sitcom where your favorite character play the host to his or her friends and cook them a nice meal happily. Wide range of option available for doors, worktops and interiors can make a lot of difference to the look you are trying to achieve. One has to remember that no amount of storage space is useless while designing a kitchen. On the other hand, clever storage solutions will help you with better organization and assortment of all the facilities you want in the kitchen in very small space.

So, the cabinets and drawers should be designed to make optimum use of the space and make things easier to find. You may transform the style of your kitchen with some simple changes such as self-closing cabinet doors with magnetic locks for homes with kids, drawers that slide out smoothly, pull-out baskets and pantries that can be adjusted according to their purpose, corner units, recycling solutions, open shelves, chopping boards that can be hidden, hinged countertops and breakfast tables and utensil organizers. Other options include hanging rails to accommodate large pots and pans and shallow depth mini- customized according to the size of the kitchen.

Worktops should have ample strength and resilience and should be easy to clean. Most popular worktops include the solid wood or laminated surfaces. The versatility and warmth of solid wood is quite welcoming while it looks quiet hygienic too. It is also believed to possess anti-bacterial qualities and is quite durable. Age only adds more beauty to it and regular treatment with makes it more resistant to heat and moisture. Laminated surfaces are inexpensive, easy to clean and have long durability too. It can also withstand some spills, knocks and scratches and come in variety of colors and designs and can give an instant new look to your kitchen.

The material of kitchen cabinet doors can fit all types of kitchen design styles easily and can make a great difference to cost and appearance. They may be made up of solid wood that can take wear and tear than many other surfaces, have warmth and last longer, wood veneer which is cheaper but as stable as wooden cousin, lacquer which is easy to maintain, economical and offer a wider range of color and style, high gloss foil that reflects more light and can brighten up a dark kitchen but is not ideal for greasy cooking and glass doors that open up your kitchen and are versatile enough to fit different styles.


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