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Smart Kitchen Layout Plan

The space in the kitchen can be best utilized by laying out the three primary working areas in an efficient and skilful manner. These three areas include the food storage area; the counter to chop, dice or do other food preparations and cooking area. Practical and functional kitchens are the ones with right kitchen layouts to make it easy to move and perform with minimal efforts in this work triangle. Here are some tips that you can use:

  • Single line kitchen - If you have narrow space with a long wall with no windows and doors, you can choose to place all the primary activity areas in a straight line. However, it makes you walk a lot and placing the sink in between food preparation area and cooking area may reduce walking a bit.
  • Galley kitchen - One of the most efficient kitchen shape, galley shaped kitchen allows two rows for preparation and thus, most convenient for professional chefs. However, corridor should be closed at one end to avoid much traffic in the area and make sure that sliding drawers or cabinet doors placed on opposite sides have enough space to open conveniently at the same time. Place the cooking area and sink in the same line so it is easier to move hot pans to cleaning area after you have done with them.
  • L-shaped kitchen - You can use two adjacent walls on a corner for this kitchen shape. There is minimum traffic here and so it is ideal for families. You may separate sink, cooking range and refrigerator by placing countertops between them. It takes less space too and can be easily combined with a dining room.
  • U-shaped kitchen - Ideal for gourmet meal preparation and culinary experts, it allows maximum storage space and worktop as it uses three full walls for maximum convenience.
  • Island kitchen - Very popular in contemporary kitchen designs, an independent island unit allows the cook to socialize with guests or family members in the living or dining area while working. You can either have a sink on the island or the cooktop with canopy above as a focal point of your kitchen arrangement.

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