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Hanging Chandelier

One of the most beautiful, elegant and dainty form of lighting is chandelier lighting. A chandelier of the right kind and size can add a whole new dimension to a room. There is no doubt that a chandelier light adds to the elegance of a room. For the chandelier lighting to have the right impact on the room and its décor, the chandelier light must be hung properly. Here are a few tips to follow while hanging a chandelier light:

  • A chandelier being hung in the dinning room must be placed in the middle of the dinning table and the room.
  • It is best to buy a chandelier that is about a foot smaller that your dinning table.
  • It must be placed at a distance of at about 48 inches from the edges of the room.
  • If your ceiling is 8 feet high then the chandelier should be hung about 30 to34 inches above the dinning table.
  • Light from the chandelier bulbs that are just above a person can be hot and uncomfortable.
  • Do not use bulbs with high wattage, as they will cause excessive heat.
  • Use a wall dimmer to control the intensity of light and to set the mood.
  • Placing a chandelier in a lobby or foyer is an excellent way of demarking the interior of the house from the exterior.
  • While fixing a chandelier in the foyer hang it at a height that it illuminates stairways clearly.
  • Chandeliers hung in the lobby can be broad and longer than ones used in dinning rooms.
  • Conceal the wire or chain of the chandelier with some pretty fabric. Use fabric that is thrice as long as the chain and it will give the chain a beautiful bunched up appearance.
  • If you are finding it difficult to hang the chandelier ask your electrician to install it.

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